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TL;DR: Check out our QvdExplorer - simple but powerful tool to explore data in your QVD files

In that post I want to introduce simple tool that our team internally use quite some time. We use it to analyze data in intermediary and Ready-For-Mart QVD files in our projects.

Basically QVD explorer consist of two parts:

We found that application very useful in our daily work so I would like to share it with community.

Some features:




Select one or several QVD files in Windows Explorer then select Send to \ QvdExplorer item in Windows context menu.

Image 1

Send to \ QvdExplorer operation will trigger several events

Newly opened qvd application may look like this:

Image 2

In Dynamic filter area, you can choose a field from the list of fields available in the application and then select values to filter in the adjacent list.

Straight table with data to explore originally is hidden. To show it you should select one or more dimensions in Dimension selection area. Optionally you can add up to 5 measures to table by choosing a field from the list of available fields and aggregation function from the correspondig list.

Example of QvdExplorer application for sample dataset with some EmployeeId’s filtered, with selected dimensions SupplierId and ProductName and measures added to show sum of Quantity and number of transactions by selected dimensions

Image 3

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