Online tool to check syntax of QlikView expressions

TL;DR: Check our on-line parser for QlikView expressions

Currently in spare time I’m trying to add command line syntax check tool for QlikView’s chart expressions to ours team tool-box. We already use internally similar command line parser for QlikView load scripts. It definitely should be improved in future but already now (integrated with Sublime Text as Build system for qvs script) it provide some help in developing process. It is developed in dart programming language with sources available at GitHub repository for all interested in that kind of stuff. For the moment, it completely lacks documentation apart from the set of unit-test and generally I think is ready only for our own internal usage..

So I thought - why not make comparable tool for checking our QlikView expression files? (in our projects all QlikView expressions are stored in text files, same as load scripts). Admittedly such a tool would require an addition of sub-parser for Set analysis expressions but that should not be an overwhelming task giving now I have some experience with other parsers (Actually that step is done now)

Well, it proved to be difficult to get from working parser for individual QlikView expression to the useful tool for analyzing real code-base of expressions. You should decide what to do with all sorts of the dollar sign expansions within expressions, for example. Or how to deal with variables that are not valid expressions and rather some arbitrary chunks of code only used through variable expansion in other expressions. And some automatic procedure for getting metadata from end-user application would be nice too. Tool may then check each terminal identifier in the expression against list of loaded fields in the application. And so on.

SSo for now that tool is not ready even for internal usage, but I believe it eventually would develop into something useful.

Meantime I’ve decided to take advantage of the dual nature of dart language which works both with command line scripts and (compiled to javascript) at web pages. I can take an expression parser from the package and use it in simple web application.

Go here to see how it works.

Some additional considerations:

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